Trekking Season

Choosing the best seasons to embark on the trek in Nepal will amplify your experience. Though, one or the other part of the country is suitable for trekking throughout the year; there are some specific periods when you will have the better experience of the trek. We have the following information for you so that you can choose the best time of the year to embark on the trek to Nepal:

Spring Season (March to May)

Similar to other parts of the world, the spring season is an excellent season in Nepal and is taken as the best season to go for the adventurous and other tourism activities in Nepal. The weather is warm in the lower elevation, and you will have a moderate temperature at the higher altitude. You will have a fantastic view of the mountains. In this season, blooming flowers especially the rhododendron- which is also the national flower of Nepal- welcomes you in this beautiful land of Himalayas.

Summer Season (June to August)

Generally, trekking is not recommended during this season in Nepal as it is a rainy season and frequent rainfall makes walking uncomfortable. However, there are some parts in Nepal such as Nar-Phu valley, Mustang, and Dolpo region which falls behind the mountains rain shadow zone and they rarely receive rainfall. So, summer season can be a good season to go for the trek in these regions. Moreover, people who enjoy/love walking in the rainy season can choose some trekking destinations for trekking in this season.

Autumn Season (September to November)

Autumn season is another nice time for the trekking in Nepal. Usually, the weather is clear in this season- September, October and November- so the trekking routes offer you the spectacular views of mountains and other beautiful vistas. Typically, the weather in this season is stable. The days are warm, and you will have a pleasant walk.

Winter Season (December to February)

As we know winter season is cold and the mountain region is colder in this season. The mountain region receives heavy snowfall, and the temperature drops down. Generally, the days are bright in the winter season in Nepal. So, ordinarily high elevation trekking is not recommended in this season; however, you can go for short hiking or tour in lower elevation where you can enjoy the snow.