Accommodation and Meal

Anyone who wants to join us to visit Nepal is eager to know about the accommodation and food during the trek.

Accommodation in the major trekking destinations in Nepal such as Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang are mountain lodges/tea houses. Generally, the accommodations are on twin sharing basis. Usually, the tea houses provide a bed, blanket, and pillow and you will have a sleeping bag so you should not worry about cold weather.  Some of the tea houses have a heating system, hot water showers, and an attached bath; but when you go to the higher altitude, the facilities are minimal. You might not have a heating system and have to use a shared toilet. You can find both western style and squat toilets in the tea houses.

If not in all, in some places, upon your request we can upgrade your accommodation in the best possible option if you want to do so. In most of the guest houses/ tea houses, they have solar power light which is not enough to charge your gadgets, so you should have prepared in advance for this. Also, you might need to pay extra for charging your devices in some places where electricity is available. We offer you decent accommodation during the trek with us, and at the end of the trek you would say ‘they could not offer better.’

We provide all three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, during the trek. Almost all the tea houses have the same features of the large dining hall with wooden tables and heating system in the middle. You can chit-chat with the other trekkers while you are waiting for your food. We also offer you refreshments three times a day. The tea houses serve Nepali food: Dal Bhat (boil rice, lentils, curry, and pickle). Besides you can have different soup, Momo, fried potatoes, noodles, Pasta including other food. In some places, you might get some items of western cuisine. Many tea houses have cold drinks. Our guide will assist you to order food of your choice as per the availability.

Do not worry; we will feed you well the entire trip.